Use Your Remaining PA Central Credit Card Limit as a Term Loan

FlexLine is available to Members who have a Traditional PA Central VISA Credit Card (Not available with UChoose Rewards). Members with a PA Central VISA Credit Card are automatically approved for FlexLine Advance.

Your FlexLine Advance maximum loan amount is based on the remaining available credit limit on your PA Central VISA Credit Card.

12 MONTHS8.90% APR
24 MONTHS8.90% APR
36 MONTHS8.90% APR

You can choose any amount up to your available credit limit. We’ve made it simple to request and manage your FlexLine Advance loan:

  • No loan approval process
  • No fees
  • Just one payment necessary, combined with your VISA Credit Card payment
  • Same due date as your VISA Credit Card

When you request a FlexLine Advance, the funds you request will be deposited to the PA Central savings or checking account that you designate within 48 hours. Monthly payments are due on the 6th of the month (same day as your credit card) and the FlexLine payment is combined with your PA Central VISA Credit Card payment.

FlexLine Advance Access:

To access FlexLine Advance, you must have your PA Central VISA Credit Card enrolled in our credit card online access portal.
(Click here to enroll credit card). Once you are logged in to the PA Central Credit Card portal, you will see an option to access FlexLine Advance.