We Give You Choices at PA Central!

- UChoose Rewards Card 12.49% APR

- Traditional Card 9.90% APR

- Personalized VISA Card

Our Credit Card Programs have the following benefits:

Get your Card for FREE in one day with

  • Free Personalization of your PA Central Credit Card - add a photo of your loved one, pet or your favorite vacation spot
  • CardGuard App allows you to turn your card on/off and receive purchase alerts on your card
  • Online Access - online management of your credit card account
  • Annual Fee = Zero!
  • Balance Transfer Fee = Zero!
  • Low interest rates on purchases and cash advances
  • UChoose Rewards has double points on ALL purchases and a full online catalog of redemption options, click here.
  • 25-day grace period for purchases
  • Zero liability for fraudulent transactions
  • Fraud Monitoring 24/7


PA Central Federal Credit Union Credit Card Options


UChoose Rewards 12.49% APR 

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Traditional 9.90% APR

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Personalize Your Credit Card:  Download Instructions