We’re Here to Help

March 20, 2020- During the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis, PA Central is committed to doing everything we can to address your banking concerns. This includes recognizing your individual financial issues and needs.

Member Assistance

  • Our drive thru windows will remain open during our regular business hours, so you can continue to safely conduct business if you choose to visit us.
  • Until further notice, we are offering Skip-A-Pay on loans and/or credit cards, for 1, 2, or 3 months, and you will not be charged the $35.00 service fee. Click HERE to fill out a Skip-A-Pay Form or contact us for more information. (Skip-A-Pay will NOT negatively impact your credit.)
  • As situations arise, we will work with you to solve your problems.
  • We have free and secure alternatives to visiting our branches. You can bank online 24/7 with Virtual Branch, or use our Mobile App to conduct your transactions. You can even deposit checks remotely with our Mobile App. If you do not currently have these services, you can call us at 717-564-4661 and we will be happy to help you either complete a transaction or enroll in a service.

Please know that while the impact of the coronavirus crisis is impacting just about every aspect of life across the United States, our financial system is operating normally.

While there is NO risk in keeping your money at PA Central, there are many risks involved in holding large sums of cash.

We also caution you against potential scams. Do NOT provide personal information to anyone that you are not familiar with. Remember: YOUR Credit Union will NEVER call you to ask for passwords, PINs, or other sensitive information.

The bottom line is that PA Central has always been, and remains ready and willing to help you with your financial needs, and we are always a phone call or a click away.  PA Central considers our members family, who live in the same community, have children who attend the same schools, and face the same economic issues that all of us do individually. We will do everything we can to work together with you to help get through this.