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Protect Your Debit and Credit Card using Card Controls in our Mobile App

Here’s how Card Management Controls can help you:

Misplace your card? Quickly turn off your card from the PA Central Mobile App. Find it again? Turn your card back on. This will allow your card to function as it did previously.

Want to know when your card is being used? Turn on text alerts to help you keep track of online banking activity. You can customize the alerts and choose the type of alerts you wish to receive. You can also turn on text alerts and receive notifications for geographic locations, merchant types, transaction types and spending limits.Stay informed of potential fraud with alerts on attempted, declined transactions.

Other benefits include:
– Real-time balances and access through Touch ID/Face ID.
– Protect your purchase and control when, where and how your debit and/or credit card is used.

Download the PA Central Mobile App at the Apple Store or on Google Play

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Protect Yourself

Get mobile alerts whenever your card is used

Track Card Use

Review card usage history and transaction details

Set Limits

Set customized purchase controls to help
manage spending