Virtual Branch Upgrade and NEW User-Friendly, FREE Bill Pay

Virtual Branch login screen image

Virtual Branch has a new streamlined look! Members will see this screen when logging on to Virtual Branch.

  • The first time you log-in, you will be prompted to accept new
    Terms and Conditions.
  • You may be asked for your mobile phone # and email.
  • If you have saved the old Virtual Branch log-in page link as a favorite or bookmark, you will need to update the link.
  • It is recommended that you use the most current version of your favorite internet browser.
  • Online Deposits will be replaced with Mobile Deposits through the PA Central Mobile App.

Additionally, Bill Pay has received a major upgrade with many new features added to make paying bills from home, safe and easy.

If you are currently enrolled in Bill Pay, your merchant and payment information will automatically transfer to the new Bill Pay.

Bill Pay can be accessed within Virtual Branch.

Virtual Branch Online Banking Tutorial & Click-Through Demo

Bill Pay Allows You to Make Payments to Companies & People — Easily!

User-friendly | No Checks | No Stamps | No Hassle


Whether you are paying a utility bill or sending money to a friend or family member — you can schedule and make payments in Virtual Branch or through the PA Central Mobile App (You must be enrolled in Virtual Branch to use Bill Pay.)

How to Pay Bills Using Bill Pay

Bill Pay getting started screen image

Getting Started

Sign in to PA Central’s Virtual Branch or the PA Central Mobile App and select Pay Bills to open the Payment Center where you can set-up and add companies or people you would like to pay.

Bill pay - make a payment screen image

Add a Payee and Make a Payment

Select Add a Company or Person
(The screen to the left will appear.)

Identify the payee as a Company or a Person.

Enter the requested information for the new payee. You will need your account number and the physical billing address for the business you are setting up/paying.

Submit to create the payee record.

To make a payment — select a payee, enter payment amount, enter deliver date, then choose Send Money to submit your payment. Options for scheduling automatic payments are available here.

Bill Pay Tutorial & Click-Through Demo

Coming Soon…P2P Payments

Forget running to the ATM or mailing a check. You will be able to send and receive money with peace of mind. And, safely and easily send money to people you know right from the PA Central Mobile App.

Women exchanging payment by cell phone image