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Your Smartphone just got SMARTER!

Now you can use your PA Central Debit Card or PA Central VISA Credit Card with mobile wallets like Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay in stores, online, or for in-app purchases. Purchasing has never been easier!

> No more fumbling and forgetting your card — your mobile wallet is ready to use.
> Mobile wallet payments are accepted at a growing number of merchants, in apps and online.
> Your card number is never exposed to merchants, keeping your transactions safe.

Getting Started is EASY! You can choose from Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay.

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on Mobile Wallet features.

Mobile Wallet FAQs

What is a digital or mobile wallet?

A digital wallet (also called mobile wallet) is a device or system for storing digitized versions of your PA Central Debit Card or VISA Credit Card.

Examples of mobile wallets include Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay. Mobile wallets provide cardholders with a secure and convenient way to store and use their payment cards without needing to carry physical cards.

Can I add multiple cards to my mobile wallet?

Yes.  You can add both your PA Central Debit Card and PA Central VISA Credit Card to your mobile wallet.  You can choose which one will be your primary card.

Is using a mobile wallet secure for making payments?

Yes, it is secure. When you pay with Apple Pay, Samsung Pay or Google Pay, your actual card number is replaced with a unique digital card number (called a token), which means businesses do not see or store your full card number.
All PA Central card transactions are monitored by 24/7 by risk and fraud detection systems.
Purchases made with your PA Central Debit or PA Central Credit Card are protected by Zero Liability protection, so you will be reimbursed for promptly reported unauthorized transactions.

What are the benefits of using a mobile wallet?

Key advantages of supporting payments with mobile wallets include:
Broad acceptance – more and more merchants are accepting mobile wallet payments.
Increased security – Fewer systems have access to sensitive data, and the card network can implement tight controls and validations.

For security reasons, each transaction is exclusive to both a mobile wallet and a device (phone, laptop, etc.).


Is using a mobile wallet free?

Yes, but be aware that message and data rates may apply, depending on your data plan.